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The Art of Crochet

I saw a hat online that I loved the pattern. It looked like a front post stitch but it’s slightly different from this.

Mine turned out okay I suppose. Not bad since I’ve only been doing crochet for a couple of months now.


Purchased a pattern online for this one, the picture does it no justice, it’s adorable. I crochet’d this for a co-worker.

Some hats for a friend.


Easy beginner scarfs.

Super chunky hat for 6 mo. old little girl.




Cute hat for my nephew.



Crochet Cup Wrap, ya know, for the condensation... 🙂



One thing I have learned about the crochet world is some crotcheters are very protective of their work, patterns, and stitches. I can understand why, but it can be a dog-eat-dog world. Any new things that I learn, I will share. As long as it isn’t a copyright or pattern. I have had to learn how to crochet all on my own. Someone taught me a simple chain stitch, and then I had to learn how to read a pattern, how to increase, decrease, etc. Youtube is an excellent source for learning how to crochet. One of my favorite Youtube videos is from the “Crochet Geek“.


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