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I have decided to start a web page on my website for my weight loss struggles and success stories. I plan to keep a food journal on here, photos of my beginning weight, and throughout my journey. This won’t work for everyone but I know what I have to do to lose weight, and it will work for me. You are welcome to follow… 🙂

24 April 2012

Starting weight: 163 lbs

Goal Weight: 135 lbs

28 lbs to lose by: 15 August 2012

113 days to go

Need to lose about 2 lbs per week.


This picture was taken on my birthday April 14th, check out the double chin!


This photo has been one that I’ve been embarassed to show since Christmas. I never realized how awful I looked. Well, here it is. Look at me now, I’m eatin’ wafers!

May 24th

I have decided to log into Please friend me there for more weight loss updates. my user name is chiefschick4life



May 3rd


I have gained 2lbs because I didn’t care what I at so far this week and I feel horrible about it. Sometimes I just want to starve myself or eat what I want and shove my fingers downs my throat and choke it all up. I’m tired and I’m wanting instant gratification. I just doesn’t work that way. Oh how this week so far has been a tough one! I am praying for the Lords strength on this and many, many other things. Have compassion on me, LORD, for I am weak.

Heal me, LORD, for my bones are in agony. Psalm 6:2


April 30th

Pounds lost this week: 3

This weekend was tough to keep on my diet. I must admit I did real good Saturday but Sunday I ate way too much. Luckily for me, it was way less than what I would have normally ate because my stomach shrunk a little bit. Still, I have only lost 3 pounds total, but at least I lost some!

This summer is going to be a real challenge since grilling and eating seems to be the norm. But I can and will do this! Success doesn’t come to you–you go to it. 

April 27th

I weighed myself this morning and gained a pound and a half, but that’s okay because my clothes fit better. I know that losing 6 lbs in 3 days was a little extreme and I’d probably gain a bit back. I’m okay with that. The challenge now: To keep up the diet thoughout the weekend.

April 26th

 I weighed myself this morning and couldn’t believe my eyes. I was 157. That’s 6 lbs in 3 days. I’m not starving myself (but I do get hunger pangs), and I’ve only exercised two days but I feel so much better already. I know it must be water weight, you can’t lose fat that quickly. At least I didn’t think you could. I did not exercise last night because I was very busy with the pool, Raegan’s soccer practice, and bills.

It comes down to a simple question: what do you want out of life, and what are you willing to do to get it?


April 25th

Today I’m a bit sore. I’m not used to exercise so jogging got me a bit sore today. I was a bit hungry last night after exercising and eating such a small amount. It’s tough when you have kids because they want cookies and ice cream for dessert and guess who has to make it? But I didn’t give in, I held strong and somehow lost 3 lbs over night.  LOL, that won’t last long, but it was a bit encouraging I must say.

Success is not a race, be patient…

April 24th

Today I feel horrible, I have major acid reflux and I can’t fit into my cute summer pants. They are the only summer pants I can get over my hips but I have them held together by a rubber band, you know the kind of thing you do when you are 6 month pregnant and trying to fit into your pre pregnant jeans? Yeah, that’s me. Horrible feeling. It’s time to make a change!

EXERCISE: I coached soccer (did some running etc.), I walked/jogged 1.5 miles with Raegan.




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  1. You can do it Mel! I cut out a couple things from my diet and it made a huge difference.

    • If I want to lose the weight I need to lose to not only feel healthier, but to look better for my upcoming wedding, I will have to cut out a lot of stuff. Heavy carbs, sugars, and these dang diet drinks. I’m addicted to Rockstars!


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