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Think Thin

Think Thin.


Finally Picked a Wedding Date

Well, the date is August 25th, 2012. We are having the wedding at RJ’s dads house which should be beautiful. He has a very large yard with a nice in ground pool.


This also means I have to lose some much-needed weight. I have been very lazy and not watching what I eat at all. I have gained 28lbs in the past 8 months.  Wow, writing it down makes it so real and yuck! So, starting today I have quite all caffeine, started eating healthy and I’m going to start walking/jogging after work. I am going to be very cranky however because I am already starting to get a caffeine headache, and I crave bad foods so not giving into these cravings are hard. Once I get passed the initial hard part I will feel better and have more energy and it will motivate me to keep on truckin’.


I downloaded a wedding list of all the things that need to be planned out and I’m not real excited about it only because it is starting to stress me out a bit, and it will be expensive. I plan to do a lot of DIY (do it yourself) but that still adds up $$$. I have asked some good friends to help me plan, research, stuff like that. I’m not afraid to ask for help this time. I know I can’t do it all on my own.


The one thing I can do on my own is to manage my weight. And when I put my mind to something, I make it happen.  The last time I lost weight I was starving myself. Literally eating one apple a day.  Sure I lost weight, but I was so weak and unhappy. Then as soon as I started eating normal, the weight piled back on. I want to keep the weight off this time because I’m not getting any younger. Wish me luck!

First Swim of the Year

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April 2, 2012

First swim of the year. Purple lips and shivers are the way they roll!  It was warm yesterday, about 85, and the pool temp was about 78, but that’s still cold for us Oklahoman’s.

The Facebook Addiction

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RJ asked me to disable my Facebook account. The hardest part is, not knowing what’s going on with my family and friends. Not that I talk to my family anymore but I do hear updates from time to time. You know, deaths, births etc. I love to check in with friends and see what they are up to, and most of the time I learn of some emotional struggles that my friends or family have through Facebook.

The problem was, I was checking Facebook all day long, every day while at work. This worried me because I don’t want to lose my job over surfing the internet, and social networks. The problem I am finding now is when I read an article on CNN or another news website, sometimes you can’t even view the comments unless you are logged into FB.  Really?  What is this world coming to?

Maybe someday I will open FB again and see how the world has been, but for now I just check Twitter (about once a week) and do my best to keep updated with everyone.

Happy Hooking

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My Very FIRST crochet'd item. I was going for a scarf... LOL

This is my OU Beanie for men
One of my latest creations


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Our Home

Our Home

This is a picture of our house, but this is not our vehicle.